The bookshelves in Natasha Dow Schüll’s office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are punctuated here and there with kitchen timers: a windup orange plastic device, an egg-shaped stainless steel mechanical timer, a digital hourglass with falling pixels in lieu of sand. At one time, Ms. Schüll, an associate professor at M.I.T.’s program in science, technology and society, employed these relics to track and manage her time while she was writing her doctoral dissertation. Since

Neurofeedback: Treating the Cause, not the Symptoms

Posted by sltmedia on  10th August 2018
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It’s September and I’ve just returned from my vacation as many of you have too.  For many it’s the beginning of the school year with loads of paper work from the school, sports and every organization. On my desk are lots of continuing education pamphlets and information about upcoming conferences, along with a stack of magazines.  In reviewing all the material two things popped out that I noticed.  All the seminars and conferences were promoting some form
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