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18th February 2021

I hope this email finds you well, I’m writing this email to brief you about the perks of using our product for neck pain named as NeckBc.
Since health is the most important thing in our life and being healthy should be a part of our overall life style. But most of the people today are so busy with their work that they do not have time to look after their health. Sometimes working in front of computer can lead to neck pain and that is why we came up with the product that will help you through pain relief in a very convenient way.
We have always considered customer satisfaction as our first priority and due to this attribute, we have got many positive reviews from our valuable clients from diverse business backgrounds. So do not miss out because we are offering 50% off on our product see it here: .
When such an amazing product is available to you, I’m sure none of you would want to refrain from buying it.
Looking forward to serve you with the most effective Product for your neck pain relief.

Maria Patino

Can be helpful for many mental health issues.

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26th March 2019

I would recommend Elizabeth as a Biofeedback therapist and Neurofeedback as a therapy. You literally have to experience this non-invasive treatment to understand the benefits. It was helpful for me in managing stress and long standing issues of anxiety and depression symptoms. I believe the future will see much more Neurofeedback practices when more people experience the benefits of the treatment, a bit like the journey of mindfulness when it was first being practiced in the West.
Elizabeth is very knowledgeable in her field and has trained from the highest standards. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elizabeth and her Premier Biofeedback treatments.

Stephen McCrimmon

Thank you

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31st January 2019

My son is 5 years old, and as every child of his age, in the British education system, he started primary school education before he turned 5. Prior to starting the school, he attended the nursery setting, where he learnt letters, numbers and basic “sound’s” words. After a few months of hard work at school and home, where we were completing his housework, I noticed that he really struggled with his learning in comparison to other children at school and every school report stated that he was “below the level”. I began looking for different causes for his lack of progress and asked for the referrals to see specialists: Pediatrician, ENT specialist, Speech Therapist, etc. I found Premier Biofeedback and initially I was very sceptical about EEG Biofeedback therapy, because I had never heard about it before. After the fourth training session on concentration, my son was able to remember the numbers from 1 to 10, although he struggled to remember an order from 1-5 before. The therapist was very nice, patient and supported Mati during every session. I see a significant improvement in Mateuszek’s attention and concentration. I recommend to all children who have problems with concentration and grades at school.

Iwona Malinowska and Tomasz Baran (parents).

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